Journey to Batavia Kecil Lebong Tandai

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Journey note to Batavia Kecil Lebong Tandai -- "Journey go to " Batavia Kecil" (other name for area Lebong Tandai district of Napal Putih Ketahun used by the time Dutch master the gold-mine location in countryside Lebong Tandai). Remind us at feather in one's cap of past, where this place have become the wanted many partysides, good a period of Dutch, Japan and Investor at a period of this independence".

Journey  to Batavia Kecil Lebong Tandai
Go to the location gold mine of countryside Lebong Tandai district Napal Putih  Ketahun Bengkulu Utara Province of Bengkulu Indonesia enough easy to because fluent publik transport relative, because we can choose what is through route town province Bengkulu -  district Napal Putih or through route district Muara Aman (town center district Lebong) – district Napal Putih. Journey of town Bengkulu eat the time around 3, 5 hour by using publik transport go to the countryside Napal Putih, with fare Rp 30.000, countryside is last countryside which we call on before doing journey to countryside Lebong Tandai. And so do if we choose the route Muara Aman-Napal Putih we will go through journey with publik transport around 4 hour.

Arrived the countryside early district Napal Putih  Ketahun, we better downwards in front from vehicle, because there was historic ex- house which was  inhabited by Pangeran Muhammad Ali Firman Alamsyah Gelar Rajo Mangkuto (Last prince of clan Ketahun) as well as have been made by the house or station by Dr. AK GANI governor Military region of south SUMATERA at wartime of Indonesian  independence.

Now the house  have  cultural pledge status under governmental responsibility. Because heir Pangeran Muhammad Ali Firman Alamsyah Tittle Rajo Mangkuto deliver to Tourism Departemen  in this case Director General Museum and Kepurbakalaan office region Province Jambi, Bengkulu and South Sumatra. There we is enabled to enter and see that historic house room interior. Located house countryside Napal Putih this is in the year 1947 wheel governance of South Sumatra  cover of Province Bengkulu, South Sumatra, Lampung, Jambi controlled by Dr. AK GANIE as Gubernur Militer.

Then  we then go to Cart Lorry Station Molek (mention for fairish lorry cart 5 x 1 have m, diesel engine  of 10 PK which  maximal load 10 passenger). Fare one person is Rp 20.000. This station located in countryside back part, river periphery ketahun. Many Molek awaiting the passenger but this terminal mean of multitude on Monday and Thursday because on that mineworkers is from outside district capital North Bengkulu Province  for example from district capital Lebong and Rejang Lebong coming  to the countryside Lebong Tandai. Journey by using Molek  to district Lebong Tandai done by  the evening that is around at 05.00 PM this matter to avoid the happening of collision because of Molek from district  Lebong Tandai arrive at Napal Putih at 04.00 PM. Remember path rel only one, if perforced to come in contact with Molek adversative other  direction or is Molek which stuck the road;street hence one of  Molek can be removed by  the exit rel, enough only with energy of 3 people Molek that can be lifted by  the exit rel.

Usually "Engine-Driver" Molek choose to walk beriringan, this matter is meant to water down journey if was resistance. Journey nearing day start this dark, give separate impression for the man who take a fancy to  natural tourism because we are only can see the left right forest and Molek which walk the front or behind Molek which we board. Don't forget to bring the food and beverage stock for stock walked because this journey enough of length  going through 33 length km rel this cart. In order to be known since colonization era is until now this, newly is 2 passed by  region of train route or the have rel, that is here and in District Kota Padang (Sub-Province Rejang Lebong abut on district capital Lubuk Linggau South Sumatera Province).

After we fringe rel which spliting forest at the same time enjoy the night animal musical instrument before arriving at the countryside Lebong Tandai we will pass 3 tunnel;cutting, that is long hole tunnel;cutting (+300 m), middle hole (+100 m) and short hole (+ 50 m) we is countryside shall Lebong Tandai, view of this countryside at night remind us [at] life atmosphere mineworkers in films Hollywood taking the background life of mine . Booth align elegantly through the street countryside midst. Society is partly sit to fiddle faddle, play the card, and look on TV, do not a few also which rush about to  Molek new arrive because taking order of bought goods from outside countryside.

Everybody surely will mixed amazed marvel how not, after passing journey during 3, 5 hour, the his view only forest, sudden our front of unfolding a the countryside full of modern nuance. bold electrics light and have never died beam from each;every countryside angle;corner and house, and almost every house have the plane TV although pocket edition. Electronic appliance be like TV, Radio and of a kind him is one of the entertainment amusement for  is society of this purilieus life. Converse concerning entertainment amusement truely that tradition have ever been planted sufficiently long society.

Proper to, with cloistered position and far from external world, company Mijnbouw Maatschappij Simau property of year Dutch of 1910 stepping into district Lebong Tandai and master this mine is woke up by  the pool hall (playground billyard), basketball court, tennis court, yellow house ( prostitute house) and cinema. Only yellow house and cinema which is his building have nothing like. Company of Dutch is also every year deliver the dancer ronggeng from Batavia (now Jakarta). This matter provable by the name of a bridge go to district Lebong Tandai that is bridge Ronggeng I and Ronggeng II. Named by  the bridge  Ronggeng because at the (time) of his opening invite the dancers ronggeng from Batavia.

This countryside located 500 metre of sea level, in south abut on the hill Husin and northside abut on the hill Baharu. Noted by  his resident 120 KK or around  360 soul divided become 3 group society and 2 small Counytryside. This countryside have got predikat as byword countryside at a period  leader Parman. Resident is here heterogeneous enough is Java tribe, etnicTionghoa, Sunda, Batak, Padang, Rejang and resident Pekal which since early inhabiting the the region is. It is not strange if resident is here in everyday conversation use 2 Ianguage that is Indonesian language and  Pekal language. But although heterogeneous and have touched the citizen cooperating modernization still strong enough, including affable if coming in contact with the new arrival people.

Because we arrive the countryside at night, snappish likely we await the coming of of morning. Feel vexed wish to witness this countryside of daytime. mineworkers and peripheral of countryside will assist we recognize closerly of the just something  this countryside.
But don't forget to bring the  handycam and camera photograph if we visit this place. Because many places wisata natural and wisata the history we can visit for example :

Traditional Gold-Mine
Company the first exploit the gold on a large scale with modern equipments is Mijnbouw Maatschappij Simau property of year Dutch of 1910. Here is 3 gold-mine location, that is in Air Nuar, Lebong Tandai and Karang Suluh.

Here we can witness ‘ Gelundung’ ( appliance dissociate the gold with stone) in form of silender, made of steel plate, diameter of 30 cm, amount of hims locate project shall 40 align natty. This matter differ from mining of the people located in Tambang Sulit, Tambang Kacamata, Tambang, Sawah, Tambang Lebong Simpang ( altogether located in diustrict capital Lebong) which is amount "Gelundung" at most each;every project only 10, other place Gelundung  only made of wood. In this time the Iease collected by government of countryside equal to Rp 1.000./Gelundung/moon

We also can see a body of miner of mine go home to push the boisterous fast lorry which full of containing the gold stone. They push the lorry at the same time stream as signal to people who stand up from rel to be standing aside in order not to be bumped. Almost only eye and his tooth just which is not hit by the mud. We proper to learn many from spirit  the they show by this mineworker.

If we like to ‘bravery tested’, we also can try to fringe the especial tunnel cutting hole of secondhand mine the Dutch. that Tunnel Cutting hole connect among mines Air Nuar with mine Lebong Tandai grounding of earth as long as + 5 Km, take a ride 16 doorstep with height of mean doorstep of 6 m, journey eat the time around 2 hour, in tunnel cutting hole is also still remain the secondhand rel ommission lorry Dutch.(Data LPAP FISIP UNIB, 2003)

Location mine Lebong Tandai this company Mijnbouw Maatschappij Simau make 16 level  is tunnel distance of one level with level mean the other of 50 metre ground land. Then made by  the doorstep lip for worker step into the the tunnel is. Hitherto pillars lip that admit of we meet. After entry of PT Lusang Mining this tunnel is again managed. But  only shall level 11 because level 12-16 have full of water and piled up by  the ground.

Pasca go broke him PT Lusang Mining year of 1994, tunnelas mine location managed by people, but because limitation of appliance, mineworkers only can enter shall level 6. Do not seldom mineworkers of populating have to in tunnel;cutting hole during have days if finding ‘or’ ( the stone many gold bearing). To know change of their night or day time are enough with seeing do bat go out or enter the tunnel. If bat enter mean noon so also on the contrary.

In this time, each;every moment mineworkers can know the world gold price marketing, by news monitor go out the country, for example BBC London. With selected formula they can know the world gold price with dollar standard. There even exist also owning telephone set of satellite. Usage of electronic appliance be like TV, kulkas or communications radio supported by made available of electric current of water power continue aglow day and night have never died.

Ex Hospital Dutch
This locate hospital is mountain range is westside countryside Lebong Tandai. This hospital accomodate workers of company Mijnbouw maatschappij simau the pain. Most workers is is lung pain (TBC) caused by  the activity appliance and condition don't guarantee safety of worker. For example appliance drill the used still very, without water sprayer, its for be like appliance backside and sten gun drill that glued by  the chest, worker drill beraktifitas without masker so that secretory dirt of direct drilled stone sipped.

At longest this 6 worker months have come down with. Even so was hospital itupun not many assisting. According to citizen story for worker part of ill drilling hence given 2 choice do will be sent go home  his Village (most workers of Java precisely Banten) or is fixed taken care of the the hospital is at the same time await the doom arrive. It is not strange hospital backside by  there are grave location mostly is ‘ victim’ company Mijnbouw Maatschappij Simau.

To go to the location of ex this hospital is 2 road. First through street tread, formerly this is weared asphalt pavement for the road of car by company of Dutch. Be like said the citizen that around year of 1960 there is still the ex- saloon car Ford this countryside. Secondly through the cement doorstep road till now still enough awake. Side left and right this doorstep still a lot of bamboo crops China and kinds of forsythia. Inferential that formerly this is beautiful garden go to the hospital.

Pool hall
Place this special provided by the Dutch as entertainment amusement medium to all miners. Situation of of line foothills by  under ex Dutch era hospital. We can conceive year time of 1900 this place there are the game which be in fact the game is inveterate played by Europe middle-weight at that time. In this time which remain only just his building is  desk, stik and ball billyard have nothing like. But even though for the wishing try to play at billyard this location at the same time conceive life at that time, we still can play at billyard because some citizens develop the medium billyard byself.

House Simau
Building  this wood loo like the typical long house of tribe Dayak Kalimantan, is but made by be like chambers consist of 13 door, height around 12 metre of ground, length about 70 metre. Upper room and under can be occupied as residence. Named Rumah Simau or Pondok Baru because founded building around year of 1940 this are last building which founded by company Mijnbouw Maatschappij Simau, before this mine is mastered by Japan year 1942-1945. Initially this building is destined to all workers of company of that Dutch.

Till  this building there no transformation including wall, dance only leaky roof which repaired by the citizen occupy it. Besides house Simau there is]still some original houses again ommission of Dutch, for example the house occupied by Madam Lis (40) big window marking and ex- garden still is relative looked after.

Funeral of Dutch
Funeral this reside in south district Lebong Tandai that is around 1 hour  walk, many foreigners specially laboring Dutch in company Mijnbouw Maatschappij Simau entombed here. Some of among that foreigners die because murdered by worker of the contract don't hold up with grief. According to story is is there buried also sir Smith which murdered by a inang (woman) by jabed with nail which have sharply as weapon to sir neck shares Smith. There is also the Dutchman dying because his head in drilling by miner.

Funeral China
Locate reside in around 3 km of direction district Lebong Tandai go to district Napal Putih. Reside in a knoll side right rel cart Molek. Hitherto great every day Tionghoa and religious event Konghucu, heir still do the ceremony or ritual religious in this location. Some between countryside citizens Lebong Tandai and Napal Putih is descendant Tionghoa.

Warrior mausoleum
Locate behind ex Dutch era hospital. buried them here is merged into by the combatants of people soldiers and partly military truely. They be killed because bomb explosion, Dutch moment mean to master again location mine this year of 1947-1949. merged into by the people of that soldiers is given by  the rank after be killed as appreciation of services in maintaining independence. Countryside Lebong Tandai also have been made by  the guerrilla bases when war maintain independence.

Building Badminton Dutch
Form building still original relative, was  utilized for athletic place to all miners. In this time only utilized as warehouse by citizen. This building adjacent with Dutch era cinema secondhand.

Natural Hot Water
Located under river bridge Kelumbuk around 8 km from district Napal Putih. this Hot water contain the brimstone. Trusted by local society that his water is useful to cure assortedly  skin disease. Don't far from this hot water also there are beautiful waterfall, society call of waterfall Kelumbuk.

Appliance Tambang Kuno
Tools mine ommission of company of Dutch Mijnbouw Maatschappij Simau still quite a lot, among drilling the lorry and manual. Not yet lost time if government collect this goods as a fossil. Might possibly be made museum the specialness menyimpan this ancient goods.

River Lusang
Named Company Lusang Mining taken away from by  this river name. This river spliting countryside Lebong Tandai, his water is rapid enough and very clear and also full of big stoney. Very compatible if made by  the water sport location be like rafting. Multifarious kinds of scarce fish specially fish Putih or fish Semah (referred by  the white fish because colour of husk whitish) still many there are this river. Excess of this fish is compared to the other fish is husk can be consumed  because consisting of the cartilage.

Society catch this fish by fish-net, traps, arrow and fishing rod. There is trust if society look for the fish by using explosive or poison hence this river will bubble up to cause the floods.In this time most societies still trust the the myth is. Not intentionally, this scarce fish is also bred in citizen pools, because that fish children enter pool citizen through  is iron pipes of his water come from river.

National Park Of Kerinci Seblat
Forest this still relative awake, because citizen Lebong Tandai also personate custodian of forest. Conscious them that their living that is gold-mine very depend on this forest. Because if this forest destroy hence will have an in with the draught and river they use to turn around Gelundung or turn around the electrics turbine. Besides, if this forest hairless hence can result to slide, if happened slide hence will pile up this countryside remember this countryside is flanked by 2 the mountain range entering the area TNKS (Taman nasional Kerinci Sebelat - National Park Of Kerinci Seblat).

The Data result done by Komunitas Konservasi Indonesia WARSI April 2004 found don't less 128 medicine crop, among its Aka beluru (Etanda Phascoloides) drug for chronical fever, Akar ali-ali (Tinospora crispa) malaria drug, Antanan (Centella Asiatica) drug dry the hurt pasca bear, Inai Aia (Impatiens Balsamina) stomach decongestant etc, altogether is around region TNKS this.

Crafting of Silver
Crafting  this silver still laboured simply and in small scale. All kinds of made ornament of silver be like ring, bangle and choker can be bought or ordered here. Different here is we can direct see the process since early from mining shall process the silver made byornament. Worker is also guarantee ornament of made silver here although weared by  his colour llama shall will not change blackishly. Because silver materials quality really taken care of alias silver of purification. Marketing of this ornament is partly sold out Lebong Tandai and is is partly bought by the them paying a visit here.

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